Fave Hotel Padjajaran Collaborates with Mountrash to Provides Plastic Bottle Waste Dropbox to Support Zero Waste Program

Tue, 22 Nov 2022

Fave Hotel Padjajaran Collaborates with Mountrash to Provides Plastic Bottle Waste Dropbox to Support Zero Waste Program

BOGOR-TODAY.COM, BOGOR - Fave Hotel Padjajaran collaborates with PT Mountrash Avatar Indonesia (Mountrash) as a waste management platform provider to create a healthy, clean and comfortable living environment. The collaboration is carried out through a digital waste dropbox implementation program in the basement area of Fave Hotel.

The activity was attended by the Head of PHRI Bogor City, Tegallega Village Head and representatives of Youth Organization, KB Village, Babinsa and Hotel leaders in Bogor City.

Director of PT Mountrash Indonesia Dewi Puspasari appreciated Fave Hotel for providing an opportunity for the surrounding community to start caring about waste by sorting waste so as not to pollute the environment.

"So this initiation is what I appreciate. Fave Hotel not only provides for the benefit of the hotel itself, but already cares for the surrounding community. Hopefully this spirit can be taken and followed by other hospitality friends," Dewi told, Monday (11/21/2022).

Dewi said, the Garbage ATM in Bogor is our first pilot program throughout Indonesia. Mountrash has been around since 2019, we already exist in several cities, such as Pekalongan, Purwokerto, in Java and Bali, Dompu, also NTT and then in Medan.

"Hopefully this will be a good start, hopefully in the future we will succeed in the pilot project in the city of Bogor and can implement this throughout West Java," he said.

Fave Hotel General Manager Sri Endah said, previously Fave Hotel had indeed run a go green program which began in 2019. Where we no longer provide plastic bottle drinks both in the room and meeting room, and also Fave hotels have not used plastic straws and toothbrushes but replaced them with wheat straws.

In addition, Fave Hotel collaborates with Mountrash as an educational step to the environment around the hotel, starting from online motorcycle taxi drivers and street vendors around the hotel to be able to dispose of plastic waste to the dropbox machine.

"Because so far we have been able to pick up plastic waste around the hotel every day reaching one sack, and also there are still many guests who still bring plastic beverage bottles," he said.

Then he hopes that this dropbox program can help contribute a little in terms of reducing plastic waste in Indonesia, especially in Bogor City, and also support the Bogor City Government's zero plastic waste program.

Meanwhile, Head of the Bogor City Environment and Hygiene Agency (DLHK), Deni Wismanto explained, this is one of our efforts to reduce plastic waste that is disposed of in any place.

As we all know, plastic bottles, if disposed of carelessly, can pollute the environment. "So with this dropbox machine it is an advancement, not only is the garbage stored in the trash can, but if you put it in this dropbox it will get value. This is also a socialization step to the community that this plastic waste has a beneficial value," he explained.

We are also trying to socialize to restaurant and hospitality entrepreneurs to reduce the source of waste generated from hotel and restaurant activities.

"Well, don't just throw it away but manage it well so that it can have useful value," he concluded. (*)



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This article was originally written in Bahasa and translated later on to English