Matahari X Asia Pacific Rayon Provides Used Denim Recycling Containers

Sat, 19 Nov 2022

Matahari X Asia Pacific Rayon Provides Used Denim Recycling Containers

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JAKARTA - All activities and processes of making clothes will leave waste, such as fabric scraps in the form of patches, yarn scraps, zipper scraps or scraps of additional materials such as upholstery foam. Not to mention the process of coloring, washing and so on.

The remnants of this manufacturing process will become waste that threatens the sustainability of the environment, especially aquatic ecosystems. Furthermore, textile waste can produce carbon emissions that trigger global warming and climate crisis.

The fashion industry such as ready-to-wear clothing sellers are also not free from this problem. So, seeing the urgency of reducing textile waste, Matahari as a department store that has been present for a long time in Indonesia also takes a role to contribute in overcoming this threat.

Matahari has just launched an action to reduce textile waste through a recycling process aimed at its customers. The program themed "Denim Trade-In Nevada" will target denim users to collect unused denim for sustainable recycling.

Matahari has provided two dropbox facilities to accommodate used denim in three stores, namely Supermal Karawaci in Tangerang, Metropolitan Mall Bekasi, and Ciputra Mall in Jakarta.

Visitors can put any brand of used denim into the dropboxes. The used denim will be managed, either recycled or given to people in need.

"Matahari is committed to reducing the amount of clothing that ends up in landfills. We are also working to manage improvements in textile waste management, so that in the end this can benefit those in need," said Matahari CEO Terry O'Connor in his statement, Friday (18/11).

This program aims to encourage and increase public awareness of textile waste, especially denim waste.

This is because the long process of making clothes has left a mountain of textile waste. So, the clothes owned must be treated wisely so as not to further increase the amount of waste that is very likely to pollute the environment.

This cooperation program between Matahari and Asia Pacific Rayon is targeted to contribute in reducing 26 tons of textile waste in Indonesia.

The "Denim Trade-In Nevada" program runs from November 16 to December 31, 2022. Interestingly, to encourage people to participate in this activity, Matahari also provides a discount of up to Rp100 thousand for every purchase of Nevada Denim, with a rule of one denim for one purchase transaction.

Although this program is only running in 3 Matahari stores in Jakarta and surrounding areas, this program is targeted to target all other Matahari stores in Indonesia.



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This article was originally written in Bahasa and translated later on to English